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With over 34 years of experience, Gondal Group of Industries is a renowned provider of advanced building solutions. Our introduction of Gondal Plasline in 2015 marked a significant milestone in delivering state-of-the-art roofing and wall solutions. Equipped with cutting-edge extrusion lines, our modern production facility ensures the production of highly efficient uPVC roof and wall cladding profiles. By integrating the latest technologies, we revolutionize the market with swift production processes, timely material delivery, and efficient installation methods. Experience the pinnacle of quality and innovation with Gondal Plasline, where tradition meets modernity in building solutions.

Powered by advanced 21st-century systems

As a leading force in the industry, Gondal Group of Industries takes pride in its position as a pioneer in the Precast & Prestressed Concrete sector. With expertise in manufacturing Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings and K-Span Steel Buildings, we are at the forefront of innovation. Our legacy extends to being the trailblazer in uPVC Hollow, Single Skin Corrugated, Pantile, and Plain Sheets, representing the natural resource-rich country of Pakistan and the patriotic city of Gujrat. Experience our unparalleled commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions.

Introduction uPVC

Introducing the uPVC corrugated, single, and Plain Sheets from Gondal Group of Industries, offering three types of sheets: s-type single sheet, Low-Ridge corrugated sheet, and High-Ridge corrugated sheet. These sheets feature unique joint systems that efficiently interlock them together, ensuring a secure and seamless installation. Here are the key benefits:

Gondal uPVC Roofing Sheets Types

Salient Features

Our sheets are meticulously designed and formulated to deliver optimal performance in roofing and cladding applications.
Superior Properties: They possess remarkable features such as heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance, corrosion proofing, fire retardancy, and eco-friendliness.
They possess remarkable features such as heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance, corrosion proofing, fire retardancy, and eco-friendliness.
Our uPVC sheets serve as an ideal substitute for traditional asbestos, metal G.I. sheets, fiberglass sheets, and ceramic tile sheets.
Easy Installation and Portability: With their lightweight design, these sheets can be easily handled and installed, resulting in cost-effective implementation.
By choosing our uPVC sheets, you can save construction costs of up to 30%.
With their lightweight design, these sheets can be easily handled and installed, resulting in cost-effective implementation.
Experience the unmatched quality and versatility of our uPVC sheets, available in various types and featuring innovative joint systems for efficient interlocking. Enhance your roofing and cladding projects with our superior uPVC solutions.

Installation Guide

  1. We recommend using high-quality materials for the installation of trusses and purlins, such as high-quality wood, metal, or stainless steel. Ensure that the distance between the trusses and purlins conforms to the standards specified in the supplier’s instructions.
  2. To install the panels, begin by placing them directly onto the purlins attached to the roof trusses, starting from the outer edge. Use a foam closer strip under the panel at each end to seal off the ends and prevent the entry of rain, wind, and pests.
  3. Overlap the profiles to arrange the male and female joint. Use SDS screws to create a waterproof joint and utilize specially designed PVC screw caps to ensure maximum protection.
  4. For roofs with two sides, repeat the installation process on the opposite side and install a corrugated ridge cap as you progress across with the panels. This will ensure a seamless and water-tight finish for your roofing system.

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Material Features uPVC Galvanized
Asbestos Fiberglass

Climate Resistance

Environment Protection

Green Product


Chemical Resistance

Fire Resistance

Heat Transmission

Resistant to Impact

Thermal Effect

Sound Insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Gondal uPVC roofing sheet is a type of roofing sheet made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), which is a rigid and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, corrosive chemicals, fire and UV rays. Gondal uPVC roofing sheet is manufactured using co-extrusion technology, which integrates multiple layers of uPVC resin, anti-oxidants, modifiers and super-weathering chemical ingredients and have been tested to comply with international standards.. There are different types of sheets as follows:

  • S-type Single Skin Corrugated sheets 
  • Twin Wall Corrugated Sheet High Ridge
  • Twin Wall Corrugated Sheet Low Ridge

For complete information and specification of these types please visit product page

Ans: You can download a PDF version of our installation manual on the following link or request one by email.

Gondal Plasline – Installation Guide

The maximum recommended purlin distance is 1.2 Meter for Twin Hollow Low Ridge Sheet, 1.5 Meter for Twin High Ridge Sheet & 0.9 – 1.0 Meter for Single Skin/CBC.

Gondal uPVC Sheet is made of uPVC or unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is one of the most widely produced and used plastics in the world. Gondal uPVC sheets are ASA coated for increased weatherability.

The first firm to manufacture uPVC roofing profiles and wall claddings in Pakistan is Gondal Group of Industries (Gondal Plasline). We are pioneer in producing of uPVC roofing sheets. Since 2015, the Gondal Group in Gujrat has been producing Gondal uPVC Sheet, which continues to be the best on the market. Hundreds of projects have been completed all over Pakistan.

Gondal uPVC is designed to be able to withstand heat up to 65°Celcius, which is effective for tropical areas. Above 65°Celcius, overtime some deformations might occur.

Gondal uPVC Roofing sheet products are made of high-performance uPVC resin and several additives that have been tested to be toxic-free and are very safe to be used. As well as being recyclable, our products are long-lasting, so it means less waste and a greener environment.

Gondal uPVC Sheet can support weight of up to 540 kg / m2, which means applicators can safely walk on the roof during installation process. For further information, please email us or visit our manufacturing facility.

With the special ASA coating, its color will remain stable for a minimum of 10 years. Like all products exposed to the sun’s UV rays, color fades with time. But in the case of Gondal uPVC Sheets, It takes a long time for this fading process to take place, and it fades evenly so that you will not notice any difference.  Furthermore, the performance or mechanical characteristics of the roof itself are unaffected by this fading process, which only impacts the aesthetic value or appearance of the roofing

Gondal uPVC Sheet does not require any additional neither heat nor noise insulation. Gondal uPVC Sheets have built in heat and sound insulation.

Gondal uPVC Sheet does not require additional waterproofing to prevent water leakage. We have developed special and unique joint system to prevent any leakages with 14 puzzle special joint.

Gondal uPVC Sheet must be installed with our innovative fittings, special ASA Screw Cap Set with Rubber O-ring, a product that act as a substitute for traditional screw system. It has much longer service life compared to traditional screw system.

ASA Screw Cap Set is designed to ensure that sheet will be free of any leakage if the installation is done correctly according to our official installation manual. It also helps to prevent applicator from over-drilling during the drilling process.

Gondal Plasline provides other accessories to complement and complete the look of your roof. We provide top ridge (uPVC), gutter, gutter connector, and gutter end cap (FRP).

It can be applied anywhere. Gondal uPVC Roof Sheet is suitable to be used as carports or canopies (for residential and private villa), on commercial buildings (theme park, water park, malls, modern market, restaurants & cafe, parking lot, etc.), warehouses and factories for various industries (salt, textile, dyeing, shoes, food industry, etc.) livestock industries (poultry farm, fertilizer industry, feed mill industry, etc.), office buildings, sports center, and many other places. In coastal belt no other sheet can sustain except Gondal uPVC Roofing Sheet. See our Brochure for specific and compulsory areas.

Gondal uPVC Roofing Sheet is very cost effective and provides the best return of your investment compared to other roofing products. Gondal uPVC Sheet does not require additional insulation and virtually does not require maintenance, which means that you do not need to spend any additional money after the first installation. Gondal uPVC Sheet is also immune to corrosion, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, and have a lifespan of at least 25 years. Due to these advantages, Gondal uPVC Sheet will last far longer than other roofing kinds, which require maintenance or replacement every three to five years. You don’t even need to have the sheets painted over.

As the manufacturer of Gondal uPVC Sheet, Gondal Group of Industries provides a limited warranty for every sheet purchase. The limited warranty provided is 05-08 years for different sheets. Terms, conditions, and complete information about the warranty can be shared on demand.

Gondal uPVC products’ service life is influenced by a variety of elements, some of which include installation, surrounding environmental conditions, climate, and temperature. One of the main causes of leaking is improper installation. The surrounding environment where Gondal uPVC is installed may also have an impact on the service life. Normally service life is up to 25 years.

uPVC roofing sheet from Gondal Group of Industries doesn’t need any particular upkeep. Gondal uPVC Sheet was created and developed to have a long lifespan and less maintenance, giving you peace of mind. (Maintenance Free Sheets). Rainwater will typically wash away the grime on the roof’s upper surface, eliminating the need for additional cleaning. Carefully wipe off any remaining dirt from the bottom surface if it is there. Avoid using brushes or other pointy or sharp objects as they could damage the roofing sheet. If you need more information on cleaning, please contact us.

The laser-printed Gondal Group of Industries (GG) logo and production code located on the sides of the roofing sheets, the special & unique interlocking system, whether there is any gap left when stacking Gondal uPVC Sheets, and whether it can support enough weight without cracking are a few things you can check to ensure your Gondal uPVC products are genuine. To learn more, get in touch with us

Besides these two colors, Gondal Group of Industries (Gondal Plasline) can also be ordered with custom color according to customer’s preference. However, there will be minimum order quantity & time as well as a slight price difference that varies according to the chosen color. For further information or inquiries regarding custom color, kindly contact us through email, cell or WhatsApp.

You can order Gondal uPVC corrugated roofing profiles and wall claddings in customized sizes, but custom orders may require a slightly longer delivery time. There is currently no custom width option available except the standard size with an effective width of (1000 mm). For export, standard sizes are available as 5.8 & 11.8 meters.

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