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Low Ridge Twin Wall Corrugated Sheets

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Male & Female Joint

Choose our low ridge twin wall corrugated uPVC sheets for superior performance and aesthetic appeal in your construction projects.


Premium low ridge twin wall corrugated uPVC sheets represent an advanced type of corrugated material widely employed in the construction and industrial sectors. These sheets are manufactured by extruding uPVC resin through a specialized machine featuring twin-wall corrugated rollers, resulting in the formation of air pockets between two parallel layers of uPVC material. This innovative composition ensures outstanding resilience and durability, making these sheets perfect for a diverse range of applications in construction and industrial settings.

Why Choose Low Ridge Corrugated Sheets?

Our customizable low ridge twin wall corrugated uPVC sheets are ideal for diverse project requirements. They find extensive use in roofing and cladding applications for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as wall and ceiling panels, sound barriers, and partitions. These sheets offer exceptional benefits such as low maintenance, excellent insulation, and fire resistance.
They are lightweight, easy to install, and boast a long lifespan, providing a cost-effective solution for construction and industrial needs. The low ridge design adds sophistication and is favored for high-end projects seeking both functionality and style. Key advantages of our low ridge twin wall corrugated UPVC sheets include:
Reflects up to 90% of heat, minimizing the need for additional insulation.
Reduces noise levels by up to 15dB, providing a quiet environment even during rainfall.
Unique male/female overlaps ensure a secure and watertight installation.
Resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for challenging weather conditions.
Transparent and semitransparent panels utilize natural daylight, reducing electricity consumption.

Technical Specifications

Width (Effective)


Sectional Height


Standard Length

5.8m & 11.8m


ASA with 8 years Warranty



Purlin Distance




Standard Colors

Blue, White, Gray, Green & Red


Opaque & Semi Transparent Sheets

Basic Material

UPVC with UV Protection Embeded
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