Pioneers of U-PVC corrugated sheets for PEB


With years of experience in innovation, research, and development we are providing an undeniably durable and highly customized structural solutions to industries all over the world. With the presence of a complete range of products in our portfolio, we are able to deliver a completely customized structural solution to your location being a one-window operation to your requirements.
Our plants are equipped with cutting edge technologies, automated machinery and served by a team of dedicated experts. All of our values and vision are backed by our years-long technical expertise in successfully manufacturing structural solutions for industrial clients all over the world.


To become the pre-eminent manufacturer of ultra light weight industrial structural solutions

CEO’s Message

As the chairman of Gondal group of industries, I want to welcome you to our website. This is where you will find all the information you need about our organization and the products and services we offer.
At Gondal Group of Industries, we are committed to delivering strong and durable products with extended life & recyclability. For that, we are continuously pivoting ourselves to fulfill the future demand of the industry by moving towards ultra-lightweight & rapid deployment structural solutions.
Our values are all tailored towards being client-centric, which means being transparent about our processes, material and continuously working on R&D to fulfill your requirements using the latest techniques.
The future is limitless and so are we!

Thank you.
Yours sincere,
Mr. Muhammad Afzal Gondal


Management Team

Muhammad Afzal Gondal-Chairman

M. Afzal Gondal


Umair Gondal-Director

Umair Gondal


Zeeshan Gondal-Director

Zeeshan Gondal


Zubair Gondal


Mirza Murtaza Saleem-Admin Manager

Mirza Murtaza Saleem

Admin Manager

Ahtisham Munawar-Sales Manager

Ahtisham Munawar

Sales Manager


Environment Policy ISO 14001:2015

Environmental pollution and its impacts are creating problems for industries and people daily. We know well the importance of environmental issues. We are managing with full interest and concentration, keeping in mind the regulations, permits, legal and other environmental requirements to reduce the environmental issues caused by our operations.

Further, for this purpose, we are using working procedures and production systems designed to prevent activities or conditions that threaten the environment and pollution. For an environment-friendly building system, Gondal Group of Industries has affordable and green building solutions, and this led to the inception of a company for manufacturing lightweight concrete material and thermal efficient PVC Green & affordable building materials. We are committed to establishing a clean environment in all of our products and services by:

        • Meeting all environmental rules and regulations.
        • Striving to minimize the waste material generation and resource consumption.
        • Maintaining objectives and targets to support the environmental policy.
        • Evaluating achievable environmental performance goals to ensure continual improvement.
        • Understanding the dependency of human beings on biodiversity and ecosystems.
        • Communicating, implementing and addressing the policy to all interested parties and through the hierarchy of the Company. We are making the Gondal Group of Industries environment-friendly.

E: Engage all employees in improving environmental performance.

A: Always obey environmental legislation

R: Reduce effluent/waste discharges.

T: Train employees about environmental issues.

H: Hire educated, trained, skilled and experienced personnel.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy ISO 45001:2018

The Gondal Group of Industries has always been aware of its legal and other business responsibilities and the health and safety of its valuable employees and those in its care. Gondal Group of Industries is committed to keeping its activities safe and using the latest technology to control and carry them out. It also promises to respect the health, safety, and environment of its workers, customers, suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties, and community neighbors who may be affected by its activities.

The Gondal Group of Industries is committed to letting everyone inside and outside the company knows about this policy. We give our workers professional help and HSE training on OH&S goals, and we must ensure they follow the Occupational Health & Safety programmed. We want our subcontractors, suppliers, interested parties, and customers to have a health and safety policy. We want to keep getting better at health and safety to meet our goals and objectives, and we review this policy often to help us do that.

We are committed to making the workplace safe and free of risks by:

  • Getting everyone clear on what their health and safety responsibilities are.
  • Involvement, consultation, and participation of workers, as well as communication with all staff, contractors, customers, suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties, and community neighbors about health and safety issues.
  • By measuring, keeping an eye on, and reviewing the quality of health and safety at work
  • We can find the control measures needed to reduce or eliminate these hazards and OH&S risks by evaluating the hazards that have been found.
  • By making a workplace where no one gets hurt or sick on the job
Quality Policy ISO 9001:2015

We are determined to work hard to improve the quality of facilities, raise living standards in the country, and help provide cost-effective construction solutions. We do this by setting measurable quality goals and performance indicators at the right functions and levels.

Quality Policy

The Gondal Group of Industries is committed to being very aggressive about the quality of its precast and prestressed concrete products and the needs of its valuable customers.

To ensure that our customers get quality products on time and meet their needs by putting national and international quality standards into place.

We take quality and customer satisfaction very seriously, and we work together and as a team every day to improve the quality of our precast and prestressed concrete products, which are made according to international standards.

Self-inspection is important to our well-trained, skilled, and experienced workers. Every worker does the right job the first time and every time without making a mistake, wasting time or materials, and working according to what their supervisors tell them to do. They also ensure that quality is controlled from the raw materials to the finished product and delivery.

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