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Standards & Compliances​

Universal Standards

Testing & Standards

Products from Gondal Group are tested to the latest global standards and meet all of the requirements for the Global Market.
ISO 9001:2015


Our mission is to be highly proactive in enhancing the quality of facilities and elevating living standards in the country. We aim to contribute to the provision of cost-effective housing solutions. To achieve this, we establish measurable quality objectives and performance indicators across relevant functions and levels.

Quality Policy:

At Gondal Group of Industries, we are deeply committed to taking an assertive approach to the quality of our precast and prestressed concrete products, as well as meeting the needs of our esteemed customers.
To guarantee the timely delivery of high-quality products that align with the requirements of our valued customers, we implement national and international quality standards.
We maintain a vigorous stance on quality and customer satisfaction. Through regular cooperation and teamwork, we strive to enhance the quality of our precast and pre-stressed concrete products, ensuring they adhere to international standards.
Our well-trained, skilled, and experienced workers firmly believe in self-inspection. They strive to perform their tasks correctly, without errors or wastage of time and resources. They diligently follow the instructions provided by their superiors and ensure quality control throughout the entire process, from raw material acquisition to production and delivery.

The company’s motto

“Excellent Building Solution”

Gondal Group of Industries has consistently recognized its legal obligations and corporate responsibilities, including the well-being of its valuable employees’ health and safety, as well as those under its care.

The company is committed to controlling and carrying out its activities using the latest techniques, ensuring they are free from hazards. It also respects the health, safety, and environment of its workers, customers, suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties, and community neighbors who may be affected by its operations.
Furthermore, Gondal Group of Industries is dedicated to communicating this policy both internally and externally. We provide professional support and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) training to our workers, focusing on Occupational Health & Safety objectives, and ensuring compliance with the program.

We actively encourage our subcontractors, suppliers, interested parties, and customers to adopt a health and safety policy. We continuously strive for improvement in our health and safety performance, aligning with our objectives and targets, and regularly reviewing this policy.

To create a safe and hazard-free workplace, we are committed to:

  1. Defining the health and safety responsibilities of all personnel.
  2. Involving and consulting with workers and effectively communicating with all personnel, contractors, customers, suppliers, partners, visitors, interested parties, and community neighbors regarding health and safety issues.
  3. Measuring, monitoring, and reviewing occupational health and safety performance.
  4. Assessing identified hazards to determine the control measures required for mitigating and/or reducing those hazards and occupational health and safety risks.
  5. Establishing a workplace that is free of occupational injuries and illnesses.

By adhering to these principles, Gondal Group of Industries aims to create a safe working environment where health and safety are paramount.

Environmental pollution and its impacts are increasingly becoming problematic for both industries and individuals. We are fully aware of the significance of environmental issues and manage them with utmost interest and concentration. Our approach takes into consideration regulations, permits, legal requirements, and other environmental obligations to mitigate the environmental effects caused by our operations.

To this end, we utilize working procedures and production systems specifically designed to prevent activities or conditions that could pose a threat to the environment and contribute to pollution. Gondal Group of Industries focuses on providing affordable and green building solutions, leading us to establish a company dedicated to manufacturing lightweight concrete materials and thermal-efficient PVC Green & affordable building materials.

We are committed to establishing a clean environment throughout all our production and services by:

  • Ensuring compliance with all environmental rules and regulations.
  • Striving to minimize waste generation and resource consumption.
  • Setting objectives and targets that support our environmental policy.
  • Assessing achievable environmental performance goals to drive continual improvement.
  • Recognizing the interdependency between humans and biodiversity/ecosystems.
  • Communicating, implementing, and addressing the environmental policy with all interested parties and across all levels of the company.

Our efforts are aimed at making Gondal Group of Industries environmentally friendly. To achieve this, we follow the EARTH approach:

E: Engage all employees in improving environmental performance.

A: Always adhere to environmental legislations.

R: Reduce effluent/waste discharges.

T: Train employees on environmental issues.

H: Hire educated, trained, skilled, and experienced personnel.

By adopting these practices, we strive to be responsible stewards of the environment while fulfilling our industrial commitments.