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Pre-Cast Concrete

Request a quote today and let our team provide you with the pricing for a comprehensive solution for your specific needs

Request a quote today and let our team provide you with the pricing for a comprehensive solution for your specific needs.


At Gondal Group, we take immense pride in manufacturing highly durable precast concrete products. Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled in the region, and we collaborate with engineers, contractors, specifiers, and site supervisors to deliver exceptional products directly to project locations. Here's why you should choose us:
We invest in advanced manufacturing technologies, including the application of 3rd generation admixtures, washed aggregates, and spot welding technology, ensuring the highest quality standards for our precast concrete products.
Our Design-Build services cater to projects of all sizes, and our in-house team of experienced engineers can provide standard and custom precast concrete structures to meet your unique project requirements.
Our commitment to quality control begins before the first pour of concrete and extends long after the completion of the project, ensuring that your project is ready for success.
We value quality because our reputation is at stake, and our clients can trust us to deliver top-notch precast concrete solutions.
We collaborate with the foremost authorities in our business, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation in the precast concrete industry.

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Request a quote today and let our team provide you with the pricing for a comprehensive solution for your specific needs

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Choose Gondal Group for your precast concrete needs and experience the superior quality, reliability, and innovation that sets us apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the most durable, effective, and earthquake-resistant roofing systems available.  

Utilizing precast concrete has a lot of advantages. A quality product with rapid construction, and durability that requires little upkeep are all benefits. Being a building material that span greater distances, Pre-stressed panels are significantly less expensive than typical building materials.

Precast concrete material allows us to construct buildings with multiple stories.

In addition to the time saving factor, a precast roof costs 40% less than a lintel.

Being the leader of precast and pre-stressed roofing system, we offer a lifetime guarantee because of their outstanding durability.

Waterproofing of a precast roof consists of six steps.

1- Filling the gap between slabs with the appropriate mortar ratio of 1:10.

2- Bitumen coating 20 Lbs. per square feet

3- Lay polythene sheeting on the roof.

4- Cover with soil 2″ to 3″ thick.

5- Apply a layer 1″ thick of cement mortar in 1:10 ratios.

6- Red brick tiles grouted in the required 1:2 ratios.

For most structures, shear walls outperform moment frames as a solution. Shear walls can be built into a structure at little to no expense since they can be used to support gravity loads as a best replacement of beams and columns.

An illustration of this would be an inside “light” wall. It supports tees on a ramp efficiently and effectively resists loads in the long direction while also acting as a shear wall. Another benefit of the “light” wall is that it is more open than a system of columns and crossing spandrels.

We reside in a growing region with a huge market potential. Our precast roofs can be delivered throughout Pakistan.

Off-site manufacturing makes precast roofing system very economical for all sorts of building solutions. It meets the specified standards of quality and structure efficiency, and is tested and verified for that. It can be reused, and requires low maintenance and labor costs. In addition to manufacturing and delivering, we also give hoisting services for quick erection and installation.

The use of precast concrete material is compatible with every climate zone between -50°C and +50°C.

We marked our logo on precast slabs to protect our company’s goodwill, as some firms were misleading our valued and esteemed customers with inferior products using our name.

Precast concrete material contributes significantly to the green building solutions. It is very durable because it has less water-cement ratios. The thermal mass of concrete can also change peak heating and cooling loads in a building to cut down the requirement for mechanical systems. Since precast concrete is manufactured in a factory, there is no waste produced in the plant (most facilities utilize exact-batching technology), and it removes construction debris and detritus on site, all of which help to alleviate worries about the indoor air quality of construction. Precast concrete members’ exceptional load carrying capacity, together with their optimal cross-sections and long spans, contribute to cut-down the number of unnecessary members, moreover, concrete readily incorporates recycled material.

We cannot drill a hole in a precast beam, but we may manufacture a hole during the pouring process.