Why You Should Invest in Quality UPVC Roofing Sheets?
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Why You Should Invest in Quality UPVC Roofing Sheets?

UPVC Roofing Sheets

At this time, when inflation is at its peak, construction materials like concrete and steel have become costly. Why not look into a different and new construction material like UPVC that reduces greenhouse effects and, most importantly, is more affordable and less durable than RCC slab. Another reason is that UPVC material has less dead load than RCC slab, so building structures is more sustainable during seismic loads.

Gondal Group is a leading manufacturer of UPVC sheets in Pakistan, meeting the high demand in factories, wedding halls, sports arena, labor camps, dairy & poultry farms industry. We provide a wide range of UPVC sheets in various colors and types which include s-type single sheet, low-ridge corrugated sheet and high-ridge corrugated sheet. They also include fire retardants and fillers, which improve the material’s mechanical properties.

Gondal uPVC Roofing Sheets Types

Gondal UPVC Sheets

Benefits of Investing in UPVC Roofing Sheets

Investing in UPVC roofing sheets is the perfect choice to secure your property. As greenhouse gases and carbon emissions increase the temperature, you require a specific material that is durable, cost-effective and which functions as an insulator. Therefore, UPVC is the perfect option for business owners.

If we talk about its facts, the most preponderant one is UPVC roof is an energy-efficient roof because it reflects solar heat and can cut back on cooling costs immensely.

It is pertinent to mention that while the initial cost of UPVC roofs may be higher, they tend to have a longer life span, and the additional expense is often worthwhile. UPVC sheets can be fully recycled without compromising the quality, even after undergoing reprocessing.

Market Insight:

The Asia Pacific region is the largest market for UPVC roofing sheets, accounting for over 40% of the global market in 2020.

A survey conducted in the year 2021 revealed that approximately 15% of homeowners and business owners consider using uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) roofing sheets in their residential and commercial properties. This type of roofing material has gained popularity for its durability, cost-effectiveness and versatility, thus making it a compelling option for a significant portion of the population.

These panels are perfect for various applications, including roofing, cladding, wall and ceiling panels, sound barriers, and partitions. Their high ridge design offers increased strength and durability, making them suitable for harsh weather conditions and heavy dead loads. Additionally, they come with a built-in heat insulator. Transparent and semi-transparent panels help save electricity by utilizing natural Sunlight.

Market Insight:

The global UPVC roofing sheets market is expected to reach US$ 2.2 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% between 2020 and 2025.


To sum up, UPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) roofing options are highly preferred for residential, commercial, and industrial structures because of their adaptability, robustness, longevity, and energy-saving characteristics, which can help safeguard your property and reduce expenses.


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For over three decades, our focus has been on crafting precast and pre-stressed concrete products. As Pakistan’s sole manufacturer of premium uPVC sheets, our enduring commitment encompasses operating facilities prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility. Our production sites are purposefully designed to comply with the most exacting environmental regulations in place.

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