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Why is uPVC Roof a Better Alternative to Metal Roofs?

Why is uPVC Roof a Better Alternative to Metal Roofs?

uPVC roofing is made of durable unplasticized polyvinyl chloride plastic. Unlike metal, it won’t dent, scratch or corrode over time. uPVC roofing is cheaper than metal and more DIY-friendly to install. It’s a lighter, more budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternative.

uPVC roofing comes in shingle, tile, or membrane styles to suit your needs. Shingles resemble asphalt shingles but last 2-3 times longer. Tiles mimic slate or clay tiles at a fraction of the cost. Membranes are ideal for flat roofs, providing a watertight seal. uPVC roofing can also be made to resemble wood shakes, giving you the look of real wood without the expense or fire hazard.

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Metal roofs may seem appealing but consider the downsides. They’re noisy when it rains and prone to dents. They also conduct heat, raising your energy bills. uPVC roofing dampens sound, won’t dent and has insulation to lower heating/cooling costs. It’s available in many colors, allowing you to complement your home’s style.

While a quality metal roof can last 40-70 years, an uPVC roof provides comparable durability at a lower price point. uPVC roofing requires little maintenance beyond an occasional wash. No painting or sealing is needed. It won’t rot, crack or warp from exposure and resists damage from impacts, weather and pests.

When it comes to offering the best uPVC roofing, nothing can beat the dynamic and top-notch quality of Gondal group’s roofing solutions.

If you want an affordable, low-maintenance roofing solution to enhance and protect your business, uPVC roofing beats metal. Its durability, energy efficiency, style options and DIY-friendly nature make it a choice worth considering for your next re-roofing project.

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Benefits of Gondal Group’s uPVC Roofs Over Metal Roofs

Gondal group is Pakistan’s first and still the only quality uPVC sheets manufacturer providing cost effective solutions to various businesses and industries.

If you’re on the fence between uPVC and metal for your new roof, here are a few reasons uPVC should come out on top.

Lower Maintenance

uPVC roofs are practically maintenance-free. Unlike metal roofs, they won’t dent, scratch or corrode over time. uPVC won’t rust or require painting either. Once installed, Gondal Group’s uPVC roof can last up to several years with little upkeep required.

Energy Efficient

uPVC roofing has excellent insulating properties. It helps keep heat in during winter and out during summer, reducing your energy usage and costs. uPVC reflects sunlight and won’t absorb and retain as much heat as metal.

Cost Effective

While the upfront cost of uPVC and metal roofs are comparable, uPVC ends up costing less in the long run thanks to lower maintenance and energy expenses. uPVC roofing also tends to have a longer lifespan, so you won’t need to replace it as often. By choosing our uPVC sheets, you can save construction costs of up to 30%.

Safer and Soundless

uPVC roofing is non-conductive, so there’s no risk of electric shock. It’s also lighter than metal, putting less stress on your infrastructure. uPVC dampens noise better too, muffling outside sounds like rain, hail and wildlife.


uPVC roofing is recyclable and contains no toxic chemicals. At the end of its long lifespan, the material can be recycled into new products. uPVC production also requires less energy than metal roofing.

If affordability, low-maintenance, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are priorities for your new roof, uPVC is the clear winner over metal. Your home and wallet will thank you for choosing this modern, versatile roofing material


Consider Gondal Group Industries as your go-to solution when deciding between a metal roof and an uPVC roof for your residential or commercial space. Opting for uPVC is unquestionably the smarter choice, and Gondal Group is at the forefront of providing top-quality uPVC products. Not only is uPVC more economical, durable, and low-maintenance compared to metal roofs, but it also boasts environmental benefits by being corrosion-resistant and dent-free.

Gondal Group’s commitment to crafting premium uPVC sheets aligns with the advantages highlighted above. While acknowledging that metal roofs have their merits such as energy efficiency and longevity, the overall superiority of uPVC in terms of cost-effectiveness, durability, and environmental friendliness makes it the preferred option. Choose Gondal Group for uPVC solutions, and you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner, benefiting both your finances and the planet.


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