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Why Choose Gondal Group of Industries for uPVC Roofing Sheets?

uPVC Roofing

Have you seen some of the impressive projects we have completed using our uPVC sheets? Many commercial and residential buildings all over Pakistan feature Gondal’s roofing solutions. Some examples are Bahria Town’s Rafi Cricket Stadium, DHA’s Creek City, and Askari 14.

If you’re looking for uPVC roofing sheets, you should consider Gondal Group of Industries as your first choice. We have been in the roofing business for decades and are one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC roofing sheets. We have durable and affordable uPVC sheets, which are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions so your roof stays watertight for years.

Gondal Group of Industries

We use the latest technology and highest quality raw materials to produce sheets that meet the highest industry standards. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, so you know you’re getting the best quality. We provide a wide range of UPVC sheets in various colors and types which include s-type single sheet, low-ridge corrugated sheet and high-ridge corrugated sheet. They also include fire retardants and fillers, which improve the material’s mechanical properties.

Gondal uPVC Roofing Sheets Types

Why Choose Gondal Group for uPVC Roofing Sheets?

When it comes to uPVC roofing sheets, we are Pakistan’s first and still the only quality uPVC sheets manufacturer. With years of experience, we are commited to manufacturing high-quality uPVC roofing solutions, with operations under safe and environmentally responsible facilities.


Our products are certified to meet the highest quality standards, like ISO 9001, so you know you’re getting the best. When you choose Gondal Group for your uPVC roofing needs, you get:

  • Customized options

Gondal can customize uPVC sheet dimensions, thickness, and color to your exact specifications.

  • Expert consultation

Gondal’s team can advise you on the best types of uPVC sheets based on your building requirements.

  • Quick installation

Gondal’s lightweight but durable uPVC sheets are easy to transport and install, saving you time and money.

  • Affordability

uPVC roofing sheets from Gondal Group are a cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing materials.

  • Sustainability

uPVC is an environmentally friendly material. The sheets are recyclable and help reduce deforestation.

If you want a trusted, reputable company for uPVC roofing solutions, look no further than Gondal Group of Industries. Our experience, range of high-quality products, and customization options give everything you need to complete your roofing project.

Final Words

Gondal Group of Industries has continuously proven as leaders in the uPVC roofing industry. Our experience, selection and commitment to quality are second to none. So stop searching – your roofing solution is right in front of you.

About Gondal Group Industries

For more than thirty years, Gondal Group Industries has dedicated itself to the creation of precast and pre-stressed concrete products. As the exclusive producer of top-quality uPVC sheets in Pakistan, our unwavering dedication extends to maintaining facilities that prioritize safety and environmental responsibility. Our production sites are intentionally engineered to adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations currently in force.

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